Journeying with Jesus

to Touch the World!

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We assist our churches to tend to the spiritual needs of nearly 7000 people in the region.


We support our congregations in developing mature followers of Jesus who regularly take steps of faith to serve God in our communities and within our congregations.


We help our churches build community partnerships to share the love of Christ through local and distant relationships and action.

A few things that we have learned

As a presbytery we have been on an intential journey for more than 10 years. Along the way we have come to embrace some important realities.


A presbytery isn’t a board, a business meeting, or a staff member. Together we are MVP.

We serve eastern Ohio, our home base, together. We find unity in God as we live out our mission in Christ, side by side. We help one another in times of need and rejoice in times of faithfulness and success. We are many congregations but we are part of one big tent, with many perspectives.


 As the 21st century drastically changes the cultural landscape around us we regularly have opportunites to travel to new outposts.

As we are journeying through this new world together we reflect on our own personalities, skills, spiritual gifts and community need as we seek to get on the right bus and in the right seat. 


The roots of the Presbyterian Church are grounded in the European Reformation of 500 years ago. 

As we find ourselves at the beginning of a new reformation we are committed to being re-formed and re-founded by God for a new era of ministry and mission. While being re-formed is a refining, being re-founded is a more significant process. Being re-founded is being made new from the beginning.

The sooner our old structures die away, the sooner we can go about the work of being re-founded in God.

We believe that faithful re-founding requires us to let go of old comfortable patterns and ways of life. This, at times, may be a painful process. However, without individuals who are committeed to being re-founded in this day, our churches and our ministries will not be re-made for those God calls us to serve and love.


We believe that God desires us to be whole and well. So we work hard to dig beneath our dysfunctional behaviors and false lies to offer our core wounds to God for healing. 

We also know that it is vital for our ministry that we are emotionally healthy people.  So as we seek our own healing we are well aware of the Biblical call to “seek the shalom of the city” and to celebrate that the ultimate result of history: “the leaves of the tree of life are for the healing of the nations.”

What People Are Saying:

here’s some of the MVP buzz.

I am so honored to have the opportunity to work with Pastor Jim McCurdy this summer at Alliance First United Presbyterian Church! It is truly an answer to prayer as I discern my calling and become part of the community in a new way after graduating from college.


Minstry Interin

I am thankful that MVP has supported my ministry and journey with meaningful opportunities for training, worship, and fellowship with others in ministry and on the journey.


Commissioned Ruling Elder (Pastor)

While going through the challenges of the PNC process to seek a pastor, we have valued Presbytery’s ongoing efforts to provide clarity and assistance. From our own Parish Elders and General Presbyter to PCUSA’s Church Leadership Connection, everyone has provided encouragement, support, and guidance.



Thoughts, Insight and Devotions

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