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We help Churches EXPLORE God's IMPACT Locally & Abroad.

What can we learn from tooth paste?

Check out Matt’s message from Lifted Eyes. In it, he encourages and challenges the church to rethink ministry in the digital age.

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COVID-19 Response

Some of our churches are excellent at caring for thier communities. Donations will go directly to our churches who actively are taking care of the physcial needs of their communities. Please be generous.


You need EXPLORERS in your church, if any of the following are true.


You have fewer people, money and resources than before.


You experience frustration, mourning or lack of engergy because of the state of your church.


Yhe average person in your city or town does not know about the great things you do.


You want your church to have new life, meaning, and impact in the world.

Become an Explorer Today. 



Going to uncharted territory can be exciting, but also nerve wracking. It is always more assuring if you go with someone who knows the terrain.



Gather with other Christians who want to experience and explore what God is doing in the world.



When we explore God’s IMPACT in the world we see faith grow, lives changed, and communities transformed.

Join an Expedition!


Available Expeditions

Because no Christian community should lack vitality.

Storied Churches Expedition

Every church has a story, but we are not always aware of God’s larger story in our communities. In this expedition, you will explore your own stories while you participate in what God is doing in the region.

This expedtion is open to pastors.

Monthly, September 2019 to May 2020

Participate in God’s Story

Improv Mission Expedition

The Bible is silent on how Jesus ran a session meeting or how his ministry committee planned outreach events. Instead, Jesus and the disciples participated in ministry along the way. They improvized as opportunities arose. 

Each month this year, we are looking for churches to host a Mission Improv event that includes an Improv Learning Lab and a Mission Improv activity.

This expedition is open to any follower of Jesus.

Monthly, January to December 2020

Learn More About Improv Mission

Curiosity Expedition

Curiosity peaks in humans between 4 and 5 years old because we start to develop self-awareness and we worry what other people will think about our explorations.

The problem with this is that curiosity gives birth to answers, explanations, and solutions to our challenges.

In this expediation, churches partner with child from the community to regain a sense of curiosity. This will lead churches to more powerful and impactful outreach.

This expedtion is open to churches.

Monthly, January to December 2020

Get Curious!

Inside-Out Faith

 Jesus goes to people and so did the early church.

Instead of asking where all of the people have gone, our churches will be more faithful to ask: where is Jesus going?

Living in community with those who are outside of our bounds is the setting of God’s good news and the context of discipleship.


We have new worshipping communities in Ashland AND Mansfield, and they speak…Chinese.

On July 7th, 2018 First Presbyterian Church of Ashland launched a new congregation, pastored by Dr. Li “Dolly” Dong. Each Saturday there is a community meal at 5pm, followed by worship at 6pm.

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