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Christ the Center

Rick Hastings, our 2021 Moderator shares his vision for the year.

Spring Trainings 2021

Because no Christian community should lack vitality.

Empowering Elders Beyond Old Routines

February 17th, Wednesday

This 1 hour workshop is designed for elders and pastors and is designed to help local leaders empower elders to lead the church in this new world.

1:00 PM Registration6:30 PM Registration

Working with Difficult People

March 3rd, Wednesday

None of us is perfect, but now and again we run into situations when tension is high or when the personalities among challenge our patience and leadership. In this workshop, learn skills that will help you lead with strength and love.

1:00 PM Registration6:30 PM Registration

Hiring, Overseeing, and Firing within the Church

March 17th, Wednesday

Sometimes we make the wrong hire because we ask the wrong questions. Other times we do not manage people well. Still, there are those rare moments when we need to end an empolyment relationship. 

1:00 PM Registration6:30 PM Registration

Budgets in a Time of Uncertainty

March 31, Wednesday

Does the mission drive your budget or does your budget drive your mission?

How do we plan when we do not know what is coming?

In this workshop, you will go away with skills that will help you make a positive impact in your ministry.

1:00 PM Registration6:30 PM Registration

Finding Ways to Serve as a Senior Citizen

April 7, Wednesday

Muskingum Valley is filled with seniors who love their church and communities. They have a passion to share God’s love. Yet, sometimes we struggle to find new ways to serve as we age.

In this workshop, you will share your passions, but also help one another find new ways to serve.

1:00 PM Registration6:30 PM Registration

Church after COVID

April 21, Wednesday

What have we learned in the age of COVID? What does it mean to be a church with people who worship from around the world? How do we engage, interact, and build community in an age of technology?

1:00 PM Registration6:30 PM Registration

Inside-Out Faith

 Jesus goes to people and so did the early church.

Instead of asking where all of the people have gone, our churches will be more faithful to ask: where is Jesus going?

Living in community with those who are outside of our bounds is the setting of God’s good news and the context of discipleship.

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    The Presbytery office is located inside the First Presbyterian Church in Uhrichsville
    at 633 N. Main St., Uhrichsville, OH.  The conference room is across the hall from the sanctuary.    The business office is located upstairs.