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Installed Pastors

Installed pastors include Minsters of Word and Sacrament, either full-time or part-time.

2021 TOC for Called & Installed


CRE’s & Other Clergy Positions

2021 Terms of Call for CRE’s & other Clergy

Other Clergy can include CRE’s, Interim and Temporary
Supply Pastors, as well as part-time pastors
who do not  participate in the BOP.


**NEW FOR 2021

Non-Installed Ministers of Word & Sacrament

This category is for Non-Installed Ministers of Word & Sacrament who are employed at least 20 hours or more per week
receive at least $25,000 or more effective salary.
(Does not include CRE’s)

2021 Terms of Call for Non-Installed Ministers of Word & Sacrament

What does “Call” mean?

When we say a pastor is “called” we believe that she or he is called by God to serve a particular church or specialisted ministry, such as a College Chaplaincy or a Camp Directorship. Fun Fact: Fred Rogers of Mister Roger’s Neighborhood was ordained and a specialized minister of the Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh, PA.

The Process

Annually, pastors and their sessions formally agree on their terms of service and compensation. We call this document the Terms of Call and it is one of the few manditory actions that we are to complete.

After churches finish their Terms of Call forms they should be sent to the MVP Mission Center for Parish Elder review.

Creating Freedom for Ministry

Historically, the purpose of Terms of Call is to provide for the financial needs of pastors so that they are free to serve in ministry.

Beyond the Forms

While Terms of Call are important to our shared ministry these documents are only part of what sessions and pastors should consider, pray over, and resource throughout the year.

Sessions are encouraged to work with their pastors to develop visions for how they are called to serve their community, build strong relationships, and multiply ministries.

223rd GA Conference