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Thankful in Prison

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In December there will be two family days in area prisons sponsored by Wings for Life International:

Dec. 1              Southeastern Correctional Center—Lancaster, OH      12:30 – 3:30 pm

Dec. 2              Noble Correctional Institution—Caldwell, OH                12:30 – 3:30 pm

To educate himself, Rick Hastings, one of our pastors drove 6 hours round-trip to a Family Day outside of Cleveland so that he can knowingly invite his community and congregation to join the fun in December.

The following comments are from participants of the Family Day Rick attended on July 14, 2018 at Lorain Correctional Institution.

I came to Family Day today because:

  1. Time with Family.
  2. It is a great experience for family and was invited by nephew.
  3. To spend time with my uncle.
  4. I wanted to be with my family and friends.
  5. To see my boyfriend and Wings program.
  6. Wanted to be with my brother.
  7. My husband is in here.
  8. I was invited and was very interested in what Wings is all about.
  9. To be with father.
  10. I wanted to spend time with my 2 boys and to color pictures and sing with them.
  11. This is a chance for our son to visit with his sons.
  12. Family and God. Need I say more?
  13. My son invited us and we wanted to worship with him.
  14. It was a good opportunity to visit with our son.
  15. I came before and enjoyed it.
  16. Because my son invited me and to support the ministry that God is working through.
  17. Son is an inmate and came to see him.
  18. I got spend time with my family outside the visitation room with more freedom.
  19. I like pizza.
  20. I was asked to help out.
  21. I brought my daughter to see her uncle for the first time.
  22. Someone asked me to come.

The highlights of the Family Day for me were:

  1. My family.
  2. Family time.
  3. Story of Noah.
  4. Prayer/ Spiritual.
  5. Arts and Crafts.
  6. The fellowship and laughter.
  7. Laughter and prayer.
  8. The children
  9. Having the kids participate in the story of Noah’s Arc.
  10. Everyone being together having fun.
  11. The interaction among the people.
  12. Was being with my dad.
  13. Coloring pictures with my sons and watching them sing songs.
  14. Singing.
  15. Getting to spend relating time in ales formal atmosphere than the visit room.
  16. With my son and participating.
  17. The interaction with other families and inmates.
  18. Seeing the smiles on all the kid’s faces as they participated in the Bible story.
  19. The Noah show. It was inclusive of family participation.
  20. Fellowship.
  21. Seeing my kids together.
  22. Being with family and meeting others like me.
  23. I really enjoyed the music.
  24. The events they had for the families.
  25. Seeing my brother.
  26. Seeing the joy of families together.

Prison officials should continue hosting Family Days because:

  1. The interaction is valued for all.
  2. It’s nice for inmates and family.
  3. It brings families together.
  4. Yes – good program.
  5. It is very encouraging.
  6. Family can spend time with loved ones.
  7. It helps the children enjoy their loved ones.
  8. It allows you to meet other people, dress up, role play.
  9. This is a way to connect with my father.
  10. Helps me to stay positive.
  11. Great for kids and inmates.
  12. Incredible for real connections with families.
  13. It felt like a good family time and God’s word will strengthen
  14. I feel it was beneficial for everyone involved.
  15. Because family and other family members come together as one in support of one another.
  16. It gives me a chance to see and visit my son.
  17. It’s great for families especially those with young children.
  18. Family interaction develops and strengthens self-worth and affirmation of “someone loves me.”
  19. They are enjoyable.
  20. Anytime with my son is special, but I especially appreciated the time to pray and worship together as it was worthwhile.
  21. It is a wonderful event and should be continued.
  22. It is motivational.
  23. It gives inmates and their families a venue to enjoy their time together.
  24. I cherish any real time with my family.
  25. It’s spirituality.

96-97% of those who are incarcerated will be returning citizens. Along with healthy employment it is important for returning citizens to have a network of strong and loving relationships. Family Days help build stronger relationships.

If you have questions or interest in making a difference, call or write us!