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Back to the Basics

The curse of our past success is that we have lost the basics of The Way. As we stand on the threshold of reformation there are at least six basics that we are learning again. Ask about local pastors and elders helping your church to get back to the basics.


With the rise of highly trained pastors came the assumption that prayer was the duty of clergy. But traditionally prayer has been the work of the people. 


We have grown to believe that worship is about us. We benefit from worship but worship is not about us. Worship is primarily about giving ourselves to God.


We have accepted the lie that we learn best through curriculum. While there may be great resources for us to utilize we have lost the ability to read, interpret and apply scripture together.


In the States we sometimes think of “church” as something we do. However our sisters and brothers around the world are teaching us that Christian Community is who they are.


In the past we have paid professionals to share the love of God for us. But mission is not for a select few. Mission is the daily work of the church.


From fish to communities, Jesus expanded and multiplied ministries.  At one point in our history expansion and multiplication were natural processes for us. Unfortunately we have largely lost the impluse, drive and ability to multiply ministries and Christian community.


Elder & Deacon Training Videos

Do you need to know the basics of leadership in the Presbyterian Church? You have found the right link.

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